Hi, I'm Nurzhan
I do Customer Success in a fast-growing B2B SaaS startup, statsbot.co
How I do Customer Success
Customer requests a demo. I help to schedule a call, discuss a use case, and show demo of the product based on it.
Trial kick-off call is the next step. I help to identify trial goals, and expectations. My role is to make sure we reach success by the end of the trial period together.
Deployment and on-boarding
My team and I help to deploy our product. I support customer throughout subscription period. We focus on getting desired outcome together.
On-going Customer Success
I organise sync up calls, contribute to documentation, lead webinars and answer on support tickets.
Metrics that help me
I track customer health score, focus on preventing churn and increasing MRR.
How I work with my team
I report bugs for engineering team, sometimes craft feature requests into user stories for product team, and partner with marketing team to create case studies.
Tools I use
Hubspot, Intercom, Asana, Google Drive, Zoom/Hangouts, Statsbot
G2Crowd Reviews about Customer Success
Sometimes customers mix customer success with customer support, but that's okay ;) These reviews are the most rewarding part of my job.
Feel free to reach me out
You can also send email to n@nurzhan.me
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