Hey, I am Nurzhan Ospanov

Customer Success Manager at Statsbot
Prototyping and Design
Every project I create starts with prototyping and creating design. I primarily use Sketch, Figma,
Marvel App and Moqups.com
Coding and Shipping
I build and ship using
Swift, Ruby on Rails,
HTML5, CSS, Heroku and Github
Finally, I always try to learn from analytics and make data driven decisions. SQL mainly
Check out my projects
Kana's website
Personal website of my friend Kanat Beisekeyev with his amazing portfolio and framed posters with special series photos that you can purchase.
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Plasit is iOs travel guide app to the world's best places to visit. I've created this app as Make School student in summer, 2016. This was the most serious coding experience and challenge for me
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Telegram Bot for Dostyk Crossfit
Simple and useful bot that gives general information for Dostyk Crossfit box customers. I created this bot to help my friends and out of curiosity
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Angel backed startup Easyprint.me is iOs and Android app for ordering photo prints from your Gallery. Easyprint.me was downloaded more than 20 000 times and got number of positive reviews from well-known media and bloggers
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Printogram.me is a website where user could order 4 different printing products with Instagram photos on user's account. I was participating in this project as a Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

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Or email me n@nurzhan.me
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