I met Kana during my break in December 2016 and we've quickly decided to create this website.
Objective was to create mobile friendly website
with simple design focused on emphasizing Kana's works.

Another goal was to create a small section
where Kana would be able to sell his works as framed posters with worldwide delivery.
We've challenged ourselves to ship project within one day and made it in straight 12 hours.
In order to reach our goal of emphasizing documentary works we've decided to demonstrate them using "cinema posters style" images. They are large, eye-catching and clearly transfer the meaning.

Images we've used perfectly fit on mobile screen and that was our initial goal of creating mobile friendly website.

By taping on the image you will be directed to another page with film description and video itself.

Here comes my favorite part with framed posters that you can purchase. The website was built on Shopify and it is a great platform for accomplishing such goals.
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