Printogram is a website with 3 different printing products
made with photos from Instagram
I was participating in this project as a Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer being responsible for product roadmap, daily operations related to printing services, communications with engineers and designers as well as a final launch of the project. is one of the 200 startups that was chosen as a participant for Forbes Russia Startup Competition in 2013
How Printogram products look like
Some good old polaroid style photos. Printed on special thick paper that actually looks and feels like a cardboard.
Framed Posters
Bestselling product with different ready-to-use mosaic designs and option to choose frame color. Users were able to upload images from Instagram account and place them in any desired order.
Canvas Prints
High-quality prints on Canvas stretched over a wooden frame. These prints are looking like a piece of art.
Forbes about Printogram
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